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Episode 1117


Peter Hipe published on

~Yes, well I hope actually that it's been more than a wake up call for us to realize that 'We are ISIS'... that the western governments that are in bed with Saudi Arabia, who is the primary funder of ISIS, along with Qatar and other Gulf states, we not only provide the political cover and military assistance to Saudi Arabia while it slaughters innocent people in Yemen, but we also provide the cover for them to go ahead and do their dirty dealings with these psychopaths who are running around Syria, and other parts of the world as well, Iraq...

Let us remember that before the United States invaded Iraq, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq, look at it today.  Let us also remember that when Gaddafi was in power in Libya, there was very little Al Qaeda and, in fact, now we look at it and ended up with a basket case full of operatives... And we look to Syria as well, yet another example of where these problems were actually quite under control, in terms of Al Qaeda, in fact, Bashar Al Assad was assisting the United States, this is all on record, in a very meaningful way, in fact many of the tortures that were being carried out were being done by Bashar Al Assad, or at least his regime, in order to extract information from people that we were supposedly fighting...

I believe that it is beyond any doubt for any sensible person to realize that not only is the United States providing the financial cover, military cover, political cover for these terrorists through our proxies, but we've also, in pure technical sense, provided the training for these people in Jordan and Turkey, another one of our best friends, has been shuttling these psychopaths across the country from Turkey  into Syria for a long time, now...

So... the idea that the west is actually fighting a war against ISIS is beyond ridiculous, so what we really need to do is start realizing the fact that 'We are ISIS', and the reason why our corrupt, treasonous governments are carrying out these policies is because they do not represent us, they represent the bankers, and the bankers make a hell of a lot of money off of war, and more importantly, as long as we are all fighting each other, as long as we are all not trusting each other, as long as we are all simply being played as pawns over and over, then they can maintain this tyrannical system of never-ending war... So this is really the wake up call... What has  happened in Paris is 'us'... WE are responsible for our corrupt governments, for all of these policies, and even if these individuals who carried this out are not directly working for Assad, CIA, ISIS, Al Qaeda, all the same thing, even if they did this organically of their own velition, believe me, that is exactly what our so-called governments want, that is the policy that we have been fostering over and over, and quite frankly, if we are to look at ISIS, ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ~ they never attack Israel, and that, in itself, tells you a lot about who these individuals are."


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