Legacy Man Life Health & Fitness

Welcome to the Legacy Man Life Health & Fitness podcast - THE place where busy, exhausted, stressed out, committed and loving fathers can come to get REAL advice and coaching to reverse the trajectory of their health and ultimately leave the legacy they planned on leaving in the first place.


My name is Cody Weber - I’m your host and I’ve been in the industry for the last several years, working with hundreds of men and specifically, dads, who are tired of being tired and overall ready for the spark that can burn in them a transformation of something special, using the benefits of physical transformation to launch their own leadership in the home.


Here’s the thing: I realized a little bit ago that there really aren’t any voices of truth when it comes to two things:


ONE, there aren’t a lot of FitPros out there talking about health & fitness as it pertains to living life with a Christ-Centered worldview. Health & fitness IS NOT vanity and self-serving… In fact, it’s the opposite.  It’s a vehicle to lead - and to serve. I want to be the voice in the wilderness showing men and new dads exactly how that works from my unique perspective of being a growth-determined fitness professional working two jobs, being married and having two kids.


SECOND - the industry is BROKEN.  Meal-plans, counting calories, and strict dietary regimens have resulted in over 60% of men being OVERWEIGHT.  People, including many FitPros, have NO CLUE how to change the behavior of someone for longer than a couple weeks.  I am committed to mastering and coaching the psychology of my fellow man JUST AS MUCH as I am committed to learning the physiological nuances involved in the science of change.


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