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Episode 42

EPISODE 42. Could This Be YOUR Vital Behavior? Sleep for the Essentialist

George Cody Weber published on

In today's society, we all too often wear #teamnosleep like a badge of honor, almost as though it makes us tougher than other people - or more committed.  And as a dad, you ABSOLUTELY have to learn how to function and thrive on very little sleep - we're about to have our second kid, and it's expected that we both get very little sleep these first several months.  BUT, put simply, our overall psychological relationship with sleep needs to change.  In today's episode, I walk through the way we SHOULD be thinking (and believing about sleep).  I only share with you guys what I've read in the research - for more on change psychology, becoming efficient and effective on your health & fitness journey, and more, visit www.LegacyManLife.com or email me at coachweber@legacymanlife.com.

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