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Episode 43

EPISODE 43. Sleep for Performance: The #1 Golden Rule

George Cody Weber published on

A lot of you have probably heard me say that the #1 way to be the best dad ever - is to love your wife.  My Golden Rule for sleeping goes hand in hand with this notion.  The premise of the rule is that research shows that our last ten minutes before we fall asleep to be very important for our health.  Not only can we subconsciously dwell on the things we do in those final ten minutes, but we can immensely strengthen our relationship with our wife, and consequently, our kids as well.  Listen in to today's episode to learn more about what it takes to adhere to the Golden Rule of Sleeping for Performance.  For more on change psychology, a Christ-Centered health and fitness perspective, and more, visit www.LegacyManLife.com or email me at coachweber@legacymanlife.com.

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