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Episode 59

EPISODE 59. The Essentialist Worldview of Sleep and Five Tools to Improve It

George Cody Weber published on

Dads everywhere - I get it - you're exhausted. Me too. Heck, I've got a 2 year old and a 10-week old.  I'm working about 65 hours a week.  Things are rough right now.  Did you know, though, that you could have more energy throughout your day with the CURRENT amount of sleep you're getting?  Furthermore, did you know that the way you think about sleep... COULD be the VITAL BEHAVIOR that completely changes and reverses the trajectory of your health?  When it comes to time-efficient strategies, improving your sleep might be the best thing you ever focused on.  Listen in to today's episode to check-out what it would look like to completely reframe your view on sleep.  For more, go check-out www.LegacyManLife.com or hit me up at coachweber@legacymanlife.com

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