Let Go Radio
Episode 3

Challenge Everything

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Welcome to Episode 3 of Let Go Radio! This is one of our most exciting episodes and a personal favorite.

In this episode we talk about...
Keeping busy and developing an awareness of habits
Identity and fear: what is it you are afraid of?
Saying what you feel and living in complete honesty
Lenses and interpretations of reality and the world around you

We delve deeper into labels, concepts, and beliefs held about yourself or the external world, as well as the dangers of attachments. We also invite you to challenge our points as questions might arise, as we question each other in this episode.

Remember: Challenge everything. Hold on to nothing that doesn't apply and fit into your current experience. Question your belief system, your morals, and your excuses. Challenge us. Doubt infinitely, and love infinitely.

Never forget, everything about you is perfect the way it is. Love yourself and you will be embraced by the world around you.

With love,
Kory and Spencer

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