Let's Place
Episode 35

Episode 35: Poems By Heart

Luke Varner published on

It's that time again, everyone. Luke is joined by Sam, Tal, Jason and Graham to talk about pre-Flash Flash games, dubious Scottish ancestry, iPhone poetry, Japanese highway fireworks, and the last piece of our Pokemon puzzle (no relation to Pokemon Puzzle League, a  game we have not yet ranked). The spectre of the deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia casts a ghostly pallor over this episode, and when Sam is forced to leave early he leaves behind a rift in the border between the natural and the supernatural, and Jason's demo reel for Comedy Bang Bang couldn't be happier about it. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Anvil Awareness, for PC; Kaze no Oka K?en nite, for Playstation; Poems By Heart, for Mobile; and Kanshaku tamanage Kantar? no T?kaid? Goj?san-tsugi, for Famicom. You can find the up-to-date list of ranked games at bit.ly/THELISTSOFAR

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