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X12. Ocean’s 8

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We’re watching Ocean’s 8, we’re talking about Revenge, Diamonds (A Girl’s Best Friend), and Lesbian Subtext.

We also discuss these boots, Love Letter Batman edition, facebook meme, menacing old lady, kill pervert characters, Lego enforced dysphoria, Fanfic writing, big wlw episode, Debbie’s list, Schrodinger’s Clooney, Stealcast ARG, Baby I don’t even have a diamond yet, GAY, Stealcast bingo, Vegemite is the Stereotype, Cass Weil, the council of gay, Rhianna is spared from the leggening, Tammy tops from the bottom, Characters are all good, Homestucking for a while, it Banky, Met GAYla, it’s nice it’s different, do this for baby Parker, they didn’t tell us all the effects of hormones, cook corner, nail polish, Nate is here, Straightedge but not narrow, Book Clubs, 5 star bad jokes, Metro card brick joke, the Anne Hathaway Appreciation Society, cool gemstones, Transformers and Gender, fave pairings.

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