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X6. Santa Claus vs the Devil

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We’re Watching Santa Claus vs. the Devil, the greatest movie ever made (according to Frankie) we talk about Santa Claus, The Devil, Evil Dolls and Merlin.
Jingle Bells: Public Domain
Body Horror Caution Warning
We also discuss the just past international holiday, Cassabella, the can of worms that is Metal Sonic Lore, Cass’ ‘Happy holidays’ pet peeve (it’s the opposite of the conservative peeve about happy holidays), the mysterysciens thetre 3ooo, the 3 act structure, the biblical Samson, Jesus’ baby photos, why’s gun there?, we like the makeup and sets and worldbuilding, Santa works like Goku in the Bu saga, Lupita is good and needs to be protected, Droku on a Gone, the Homunculus Children Hypothesis, the body-horror telescope, We’ll honor every part of her, you better watch out, He’s Batman!, we cut to the heaven, Pedro Infante, Cass’ brain genius jokes, dolls with 2 faces, old man yells from sky, how Santa gets your letters, the liar’s box, the Santa/Merlin/Samson ship, Duracell’s Spider-Claus, we get dangerously close to talking about the Problem of Evil, the origin of milk and cookies, Santa does a leverage, Santa Claus is Happy and Gay, DC’s Muppets of Tomorrow, John Constantine, Cass just gushes about Legends of Tomorrow, the Legion of Doom vs the Black Flash, the Santavengers, released on the twenty fifth.

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Fanfic rec: Child of Azkaban

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