Let your Sun Shine

Episode 7

Goal Setting : Winning the AM

Suraj Batheja published on

In this episode, I discuss the importance of starting the day right with a mental and physical workout with George Ouzounian, the CEO & Founder of the Oz Group, one of the most successful Real Estate Firms in Los Angeles.  George and his team of 5 have negotiated nearly $150M worth of Real Estate Transactions in either selling or flipping Real Estate and he is looking to expand his portfolio and get deeper into the entreprenurial sector by expanding into E-commerce and cosmetics space.  George begins his day at 5AM and works on his goals daily leading to "Winning the AM" which results in feeling great in order to achieve a productive business day which starts at 8:30AM.  A true visionaire I would not be surprised when we see George and his team on the cover of major pubications including Forbes and Fortune.  A choppy start but once we got rolling George really shows what makes him a true entreprenuer.  His power of why and determination make him an unstoppable force.   

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