Let your Sun Shine

Episode 3

Let your Sun Shine - Breaking down barriers to gain leverage and establish new behaviors

Suraj Batheja published on

In this episode, Chris Mathew, Principal & Founder of 424 Ventures, a successful branding and marketing agency based in Charlotte, NC openly discusses how he has neglected his health & fitness over the last 20+ years to achieve a certain level of financial success to support his family.  We examine how driven Chris is in his business and how he has worked 15 hour days for 20+ years balancing family, overcoming racial biases & prejudices to ensure financial success.  In the end, we make a breakthrough with Chris and make a pact to integrate health & wellness into his lifestyle and commit to a fitness program within the next 30 days.  This pact comes at a steep price though and even includes yours truly making a wager with him!  Tune in and stick around for the ending.  That is when all the magic happens!

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