Life Seeker

Episode 11

Amazing Chinese Girl, Felicia, from a small Rural Village in China, To Columbia University in New York.

John Hamilton published on

This interview deeply touched me.. The Power of Deep Compassion. From a family of rural journalists in China, her Grandfathers stories of the horrors of the Second World War and the Civil War in China and his friends who suffered and died he, stirred her deep compassion for the suffering and trauma that resides in all, whose stories have not been heard and released. "War" is not an abstract word, it is real and affects all in the deepest of ways. Felicia has visited and listened to the stories of Ugandan women, who were abducted, raped as small children, and then outcast when they tried to return home. 30,000 young people were treated this way. The atrocities they experienced were unspeakable and the trauma they still carry effects us all. In her mission to bring healing to others, Felicia has completed a Masters Degree in Oral Communication at Columbia University in New York and is now continuing with another Masters Degree in Councilling. Her focus is in specialising in trauma release through 'hearing' these untold stories and allowing release. There is a message here for all the suppressed trauma in many people in this world. And the strong message is "Listen" and allow the people to tell their stories. Felicia's next project is in visiting Cambodia, and the killing fields of Pol Pot. I look forward to visiting her there at that time.

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