Life Seeker

Episode 8

Dr Carl Calleman Phd, The Mayan Calendar, Trump, AI, and Feminine Energies.

John Hamilton published on

Is Western Society in a major decline. Have we been hijacked, Have the cosmic energies that have created our consciousness been manipulated by Silicon Valley? Are the feminine energies of the 8th wave being controlled?  Dr. Calleman, a highly credentialed biologist, toxicologist, who has worked with Nobel Laureates and the UN, has proven that the Mayan Calendar is science and was known about by the Ancients? That is why they were able to build Pyramids mapping out the evolution of consciousness and warning us of the "Shift of the Ages" which we are engulfed in now.  Dr. Calleman has written 6 books showing how the supposed Mythology of the Mayan calendar is actually Quantum Science, and we are only just catching up to the Ancients. He says the only way out of this mess is to connect to the Unity Wave that began 1999 and is with us now.. 


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