Like Pigs Around A Melon

Episode 12

12 -Third Debate!

Ryan published on

Recorded on October 20th, the day after the third Presidential Debate, this episode is about just that! No secondary topic, though we ended up talking about voting and recent court changes at the end so I've made a musical cut like usual. But it's all the third debate! We do the regular nonsense at the front, third debate coverage starts at 00:04:23 and we discuss voting and close things out at 01:12:45. There was some minor audio track wonkiness so there might be some accidental crosstalk at some points, but pretty sure I fixed it up. Thanks for listening!

Relevant Links: NPR's transcript and fact check:

Ezra Klein's great Vox video review of the debates:

An example of the civility around elections lost this time around, a letter from Bush to Clinton:

Music: Sam Collins - Lonesome Road Blues (1931)

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