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EP2 Bonus - Yes, We’re Doing This Again

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To those listening for the first time: Do yourself a favour and ignore these early episodes initially. They're not edited too well, are a little quiet sometimes and frankly I'm still pretty embarressed by these ones. I recommend starting out from our later episodes such as The Mighty Boosh. These ones are 100% not representative of the show and are basically here for archival purposes.

[CW - More scatological content due to more Gero talk. Yay.] Mistake time yet again! We kick things off with The Quiz At The End before relaxing a bit, talking about old video games getting new sequels and finally going over the things we've been doing after recording the second main episode. And by that I mean Lain talks about the comics she's read for roughly half an hour. Lain also mumbles a lot this episode. 
And eats an ice lolly during the the beginning. Sorry about that.

Music by Abru/colonthree:

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