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The Mighty Boosh (Series 1)

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Today on Like What I Like, Lain & Mark find out how you gets to killaroo, with The Mighty Boosh! While this is a first for Mark, it's the also the first time in quite a while since Lain last saw the show. Is everything just as good as Lain remembered it being? Will they enjoy it? Or are they going to be living within a Hubba-Bubba nightmare forever? Spoilers: It's bad.

On a partially unrelated note, you may notice that this episode sounds a little bit different compared to the usual output. That would be because - for the first time ever - Lain has edited this episode and put her radio internship skills to use. As such, be sure to direct any complaints you have about this episode to her since it's entirely her fault.

Our theme music is by Abru aka colonthree, used with permission:

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