Literally Dying with Chelsea Quinn
Episode 1

Episode 1: Haunted Houses and Who We Are!

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Since the inaugural episode of this show happens to fall just a couple days before Halloween, I figured why not talk about it? While I love Hocus Pocus and pumpkin spice like all good white women should - I freaking hate haunted houses. So my first guest Keith Carey and I dive into some of the science why he loves being scared and I hate it. I also share one of the most embarrassing stories from my teenage years. Spoilers: I end up breaking a bone. We also hear from three guests: Laura Hardin, Tom Goss, and Olivia Grace. They will all be featured again on future episodes but I wanted to share a glimpse what's to come and what Literally Dying will be like! Oh also, you will hear us say the word literally way too many times. #LiterallyDying #StateLines.

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