Literally Dying with Chelsea Quinn
Episode 2

Episode 2: First Death Encounters and Forgetting Pants!

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On our first real episode of Literally Dying, I figured it was a good time to talk about first real death experiences. My guests Caitlin Lemaire, Keith Carey, Laura Hardin, and Rye Silverman all had very different things to say on the matter. I mean Caitlin LITERALLY died herself... I know I usually use that word incorrectly, so you might find it hard to trust me, but trust me. She did. Keith, as usual, says a bunch of stuff that makes me roll my eyes and worry about my family listening. Laura shares what it's like to watch parents talk to their kids about death at the mortuary. Spoiler: they're not great at it. And we meet Rye for the first time, who chimes in with a quick story about her dad. I also share some stories people submitted to me on Facebook, ramble on for too long about George Bell, and don't fully understand how to make the sound work properly. (PLEASE be patient with me, guys! I know the sound on this episode isn't awesome but we'll keep getting better. Don't let that turn you off!) Oh also, you will hear us say the word literally way too many times. #LiterallyDying #StateLines.

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