Literally Dying with Chelsea Quinn
Episode 3

Episode 3: Getting the Call and Giggling at Farts!

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Episode 3 of Literally Dying is the longest one yet - so I hope you're all ready to strap in and talk about some sad stuff! I sit down with Rye Silverman, Dave Ross, and Caitlin Lemaire who all tell the stories of what they did in the moment they found out a person they loved was dead (or about to be dead). Rye found herself at work within hours of getting the call that her brother had died. Dave finished laundry, fought with his girlfriend, and then got on stage in front of a bunch of strangers to talk about his dead grandma. And Caitlin tells two stories, one that's kind of about a fart. Oh also, you will hear us say the word literally way too many times. #LiterallyDying #StateLines.

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