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Bonus 5: Season 2 Shorts

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Hello and welcome to the second bonus of Season two of the Littlest PetCast. Today, we are going to have a look at the Shorts that aired prior to season 3. All shorts were written by Julie McNally Chaill, and Tim Cahill. Like the show itself, the shorts are weird, fun, make references, and all around just a good time mostly. So sit back and enjoy these long explanations about these shorts.

How often should The Police show up in a podcast? Does one of Blythe's former Fashion University North classmates have trouble expressing himself sometimes? Why doesn't Pepper/Captain Cuddles bother me as much as the whole shipping mess between Penny Ling, Russell, Vinnie, and Blythe? How many little details do these shorts get right? Does the fact that they make references to the Pet Fashion Expo make these better?

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