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Episode 100: Littlest Pet Street-Washed Out

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Hello and welcome to the Littlest PetCast. I today's episode we are rounding things out by going over the final episode of Littlest Pet Shop, "Littlest Pet Street", with part one written by Guy Toubes, part 2 written by David Shayne, and both parts directed by Joel Dickie, Steven Garcia, and Mike Myhre. In this episode, to help with the grand opening of the Littlest Pet Street, Blythe thinks to get internet sensation Felina Meow. In doing so, they have to go to Bermuda. While on their way back, a storm happens, stranding them on a deserted island.

Why is "It's The Pet Fest!" such a good point of comparison for this episode? Is there a secret island in the Atlantic we don't know about? How come the Soul Eater ending gets a lot of flack? Did I say everything I need to? Why is this episode such a mixed bag?

Thank you to everyone who has listened.

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