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Episode 13: Trading Places-Cyrano de Bergerac Didn't Play Children's Card Games

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Hello, and welcome back to the Littlest PetCast. This week we are going over the episode "Trading Places", written by Julie McNally-Cahill, Tim Cahill, and Tom Minton, teleplay by Tom Minton, and directed by Joel Dickie. In this episode Zoe finds that she has a zit and feels like she can't talk to the dog she loves. However, she sends in Penny Ling to do that job for her. Meanwhile, Russell, infatuated with the idea of school, hops into Blythes backpack without thinking anything through and heads to school with her. Needless to say, it goes horribly.

How tough do you have to be to want to be kicked in your own fantasy? How thin is the line between mutant abilities and cartoon logic? Did I watch too much Winnie the Pooh as a child? Should I do a My Gym Partner's A Monkey recap podcast after I'm done with this show? Is that janitor good at his job? How do these pets know who Cyrano de Bergerac is?

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