Littlest PetCast

Episode 19: Bakers and Fakers-James Fights the English Language

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Welcome back to the Littlest PetCast. In today's episode we go through the episode "Bakers and Fakers" with story by Julie McNally Cahill, Tim Cahill, and Adam Beechen, teleplay by Adam Beechen, and directed by Dallas Parker. In this episode, two love-stricken teachers come up with a historical cake baking competition that Blythe and her friends join. Things go from sweet to sour fast, as The Biskits also decide to participate. Meanwhile, because of something Buttercream said, Vinnie now believes that cake is trying to take over the world. I had to make sure that that's what I was typing.

How many zeroes are in a kershmillion? What are the odds that a Japanese game developer has a five year old who watches American television? How gross is it to put lipstick on a locker? Would you invite your friend some place is he was dressed as a cowboy complaining about the cake takeover? Why is English so infuriating sometimes?

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