Littlest PetCast

Episode 23: Frenemies-High Feminism

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Hello and welcome to this episode of the Littlest PetCast. I hope you like it when things get rambly, because it gets really rambly when we go over the episode "Frenemies", with story by Julie McNally Cahill, Tim Cahill, and Guy Toubes, teleplay by Guy Toubes, and directed by Dallas Parker. In this epsiode we find out that Penny Ling has spent almost a year at the Littlest Pet Shop and Zoe and Pepper decide to throw a party for her. However, Zoe and Pepper disagree on who is in charge. Meanwhile Vinnie looses his tail and believes he can't dance without it.

How much do you have to be told something is not going well before you believe it? Can kicking logic to the curb help you become a doctor? Why do these animals suddenly know the word "doctor"? Is the idea of Linkara owning a panda not the funniest thing? What makes you truly a woman?

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