Littlest PetCast

Episode 4: Penny For Your Laughs-Pauly Shore, Why Do I Hate The Bratz So Much?

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Welcome back to the Littlest PetCast. Today's episode is "Penny For Your Laughs" with story by Julie McNally-Cahill, Tim Cahill, Evan Gore & Heather Lombard, teleplay by Evan Gore & Heather Lombard, and directed by Joel Dickie. In this episode, Blythe stands up for the Biskits, but that backfires when they brainwash her to become their BFF with the power of gifts and music. Meanwhile, Pepper realizes that her gacking the others with pistachio pudding is getting old and figures  out she needs a new shtick. She thinks about insult comedy and becomes Pepper, the Insult Comic Skunk. But things go too far when she tries her new type of humor on Penny Ling.

Is it ever "just a joke"? How hard is it to say "explain what a shtick is"? Can people corrupt you with music? Can I blame Pauly Shore for everything? Why DO I hate the Bratz so much?

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