Littlest PetCast

Episode 43: Grounded-#MuttPride

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Hello and welcome to this episode of the Littlest PetCast. In today's episode, we look at the episode "Grounded", with stroy by Julie McNally-Cahill, Tim Cahill, and Corey Powell, teleplay by Corey Powell, and directed by Dallas Parker. In this episode Roger loses his job for arbitrary reasons. To pull in some extra money he works for the Biskits, and he begins to have a profound effect on them. Meanwhile, Minka finds out that she is a rare speices of monkey known as a "Minkey" and Zoe finds out that she is a mutt, and is sad about that for some reason.

Is Roger a human Goofy? Would the French give a royal pet to George Washington? If Roger is THIS powerful, how powerful was Blythe's mom? Are you glad to see a loop finally closed? Why does this show hate mutts?

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