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Episode 51: War of the Weirds-Biskit Pirate Advertising

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"Blythe is still a skeptic, yes, you know her. Been best friends and will be till we die. I got all my veggies in fear from the abduction. Blythe really thinks I'm just telling lies. Alright Up all day long And there's something very wrong And I know it must be soon. Saw them this afternoon. I'm not like you guys I'm not like you..."

Hello, and welcome to season 3 of the Littlest PetCast. Today we are going over the episode "War of the Weirds", written by Roger Eschbacher, and directed by Joel Dickie. In this episode, the pets think aliens have landed and will soon take over Downtown City. However, Blythe doesn't believe aliens exist. Meanwhile, Mrs. Twombly is mad about Fisher advertising, and decides to step up her game.

Why are Universal Languages a bad idea? Why do pandas sleep standing up? What are some of your favorite missions in Sly 2? Did Roger see any aliens? How bad are the Biskits at advertising?

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