Littlest PetCast

Episode 54: Winter Wonder Wha...?-Fake Mountain

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Hello, and welcome to this last bit of the Littlest PetCast for 2018. In this episode, we go over the episode "Winter Wonder Wha...?", written by Merriweather Williams, and directed by Joel Dickie. In this episode, Fisher threatens to not give the twins their holiday presents unless they show that they can be compassionate. The twins agree to give Blythe the time of her life, as she is "the biggest charity case they know." Through some complex actions, Blythe is dragged to the Biskit's winter chateau and sort of has a good time. Meanwhile, the pets meet with Parker, a penguin from Antarctica. Parker is homesick, so the pets do their best to try and make him feel at home.

Are you glad that in universes with superpowers superpowers aren't distributed by wealth? Would you donate to the Everyone in Suits Foundation? How do thermostats work in this universe? Should continuity matter? What would you make if you were rich and childish?

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