Littlest PetCast

Episode 58: Tongue Tied-Kingdom Hearts: Blythe by Sleep

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Hello, and Welcome to this Kingdom Hearts heavy episode of the Littlest PetCast (No KH3 Spoilers until the VERY end). In this episode, we look over the episode "Tongue Tied", written by F.M. DeMarco, and directed by Joel Dickie. In this episode, Blythe thinks she's in for a simple and clean day of lazing about, but things get complicated when a bunch of animals ask her for help. Things get even more complex when she comes across a pet she can't understand. "Jebi", as they call her, speaks a language that Blythe can't, but that doesn't stop Blythe from trying to help her, as she feels that her matter is urgent.

Why am I getting caught in every little detail again? What does it mean to actually "Get Crap Past the Radar"? How cool is language? Why does Minka suck this episode? Have I been playing too much Kingdom Hearts 3?

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