Littlest PetCast

Episode 6: Russell Up Some Fun-Pretending I'm a Superhedgehog

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Welcome to this SKA-tastic episode of the Littlest PetCast. Today's episode is "Russell Up Some Fun" with story by Julie McNally-Cahill, Tim Cahill, and Cindy Morrow, teleplay by Cindy Morrow, and directed by Joel Dickie. In this episode, Sue notices that Blythe doesn't seem to get dirty, and this leads her down the path of trying to imitate Blythe. This understandably creeps Blythe. Meanwhile, everyone is making fun of Russell for being serious. This awakens Fun Russell, a wild and crazy hedgehog that the pets enjoy for a little bit. But when an emergency arises, they realize that Russell is an asset. However Russell doesn't want to go back.

Why do people try to be exactly like someone else? And why is it creepy? Is Pepper the opposite of Edge? Edward or Jacob? Why am I debating with myself over if I ship a hedgehog and a panda? Will Ska ever truely be dead?

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