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Episode 72: Proud as a...Peacock?-More Troubles With Translating

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Hello, and welcome to this episode of the Littlest PetCast. In today's episode, we go over the episode "Proud as a...Peacock?", written by F.M. DeMarco and directed by Joel Dickie and Steven Garcia. In this episode, the pets encounter Basil (pronounced Bah-zle) the Peacock. He's supposed to present at the opening of the botanical gardens, but he has trouble doing so. Meanwhile, Youngmee has some ideas on how Blythe can use her ability to talk to animals, but Blythe wants to study algebra.

Do robo-peacocks exist? Who installed the spy satelites that LPS has for some reason? Where is that yarn coming from? Is it OK for Blythe to just want to be a teenager? Are the complications of translating animals actually like tribbles?

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