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Episode 85: Pump Up the Panda-Who Photo-Edits Pets? Honestly. (Featuring Ricky of Flashback Flicks)

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Hello, and welcome to the Littlest PetCast. In today's episode, I am joined by Ricky, one of the wonderful hosts of Flashback Flicks, to talk about the episode "Pump Up the Panda", written by Eric Rogers, and directed by Joel Dickie and Steven Garcia. We had a great time. In this episode, Blythe makes the pets swimwear, and they take to the beach. Vinnie and Sunil enter a sandcastle building contest, Penny realizes she needs to get in shape and finds a personal trainer to help her, and Blythe meets Leonardo Pardo, who heads is own pet fashion website, and they strike a deal.

Should I trademark "PWASOFHJ"? Is bad voice acting the key to good voice acting? What would you order at a Ska Baskin Robbins? Do cartoons see themselves as real? Why would anyone not like the way an animal looks? Did you like this guest episode? Should I try doing more?

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