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Episode 87: Guilt Tripping-A Season 1 Episode (WARNING: Contains "Knives Out" Spoilers!)

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Hello, and welcome to the Littlest PetCast. In today's episode, we look at the doughnut hole that is "Guilt Tripping", written by Adam Beechen, and directed by Joel Dickie and Steven Garcia, and we see the truth within. In the episode, Blythe accidentally causes the Biskits to get suspended from school. Meanwhile, Pepper broke Vinnie's lucky rock, and awaits punishment. Both of them feel guilty. With all the facts lined up, we can finally figure this out.

Did Mr. Barish change subjects? Are characters acting in character? Would you take advantage of the Biskit's wealth if you had the opportunity? Did I spoil Knives Out for you? Should this episode be in season 1?

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