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Episode 90: Two Peas in a Podcast-This Show Hates Rich People

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Hello, and welcome to the Littlest PetCast. In today's episode, we take a look at the episode "Two Peas in a Podcast", written by Roger Eschbacher, and directed by Joel Dickie, Steven Garcia, and Mike Myhre. In this episode, Blythe is show to have a successful podcast. The Biskits want that success, but can't find it by being themselves. They get even more desprate when their father promises them more money. Meanwhile, Penny Ling explains that she is moving. Before she can tell them a crucial detail, the rest of the pets agree to do whatever Penny wants. Penny loves that and goes along with it, but knows that sooner or later she'll have to tell the truth.

How many Roger moments does Blythe have that we don't see? Who doesn't give in to their selfish desires every once in a little while? Did the Biskits give a reverse backhanded compliment? Does this jive with the Biskit Redemption Arc? Would Gen-Zers cite this as one of the reasons they're socialist?

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