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Episode 96: Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer-The Weirdest Reference This Show Has Made

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Hello, and welcome back to the Littlest PetCast. It has been a while. Today, we are going over the episode "Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer" written by Nick Confalone, and directed by Joel Dickie, Steven Garcia, and Mike Myhre. In this episode, Minka paints a picture, but doesn't like it. Blythe likes it and brings it to school. Minka asked her not to say it was her, but in doing so, she says she painted it herself. When the Biskits want their own version, things get even more complicate.

Am I going to be able to finish season 4 in a timely manor? How should you space your montages? What did you make of this episode? Did I over-react about the giving away Francois line? Why Big Eyes?

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