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Episode 97: Bake It 'til You Make It-Beat Bobby Destructo

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Hello and welcome back to the Littlest PetCast. In today's episode, we look at the episode "Bake It 'til You Make It", written by David Shayne, and directed by Joel Dickie, Steven Garcia, and Mike Myhre. In this episode, a new sweets venue opens up, and Christie thinks she's done for. Blythe brings in her celebrity chef cousin, Bobby Destructo, to help. Meanwhile, Vinnie almost spills to Sunil's parents that Sunil isn't a doctor. In order to convince them that he is, Vinnie takes inspiration from one of his favorite shows, Dr. Abode MD, to make a video to show Dr. Nevla in action.

How many good punches does this episode have? Can pets change batteries? Can casual racism stop any conversation in its tracks? How willing was I to play in this episode's headspace? Could you Beat Bobby Destructo?

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