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Life Lessons from a Cool Grandma who proudly claims herself to be kick-ass type...

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Meet Chaya Srivatsa from Bangalore, India who is a Women's Development Consultant, Journalist, Management Trainer for Corporates, Life Coach, Public Speaker and Author and at a young age of 72 (sic), a Cool Grandma to boot...

Listen in as she shares with Arvind Achal her experiences, views and lessons on - 

  • How a good teacher early on can shape someone's future
  • Why folks in corporate life should stop whining and complaining, start appreciating and bring joy to the work
  • Perspective on joy of working - The joy does not come to you because you are running after it
  • Why and how continuously upgrading one's skills is crucial for everyone - from an executive to a homemaker
  • How she is able to connect with Millennials so swiftly
  • About marriage, motherhood, family   - 
    • How motherhood is the best career and why raising a family is the most important investment 
    • How a supporting environment at home ensures actualization of women
    • How important it is to raise kids with good values - (and how in her sons' case, the younger brother donates one of his kidneys for the elder one)
    • How trust, respect and friendship are key ingredients to bring love in any relationship
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