Live and Let Diecast: The Podcast
Episode 17

Happy Anniversary Live and Let Diecast!!

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Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan are joined by Scott Nadeau, Jeff Simmons, and Philip VanDenHout. The topic of the podcast is celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Live and Let Diecast. We also discuss DNA Collectibles, and Disney Cars Movie Chase Cars.

Our latest purchases or featured models:

Jeff Simmons: Hot Wheels Batman Animated Series Batmobile
Scott Nadeau: Universal Hobbies Eagle's Race Brand Porshce 917 LeMans Winner
Philip VandenHout: 1971 911 Hot Wheels model - light gray
Ryan: Spark Ligier JS P2
Lloyd: Autoart 991.1 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Dan: 1955 BMW 507 by Motor Max

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