Live and Let Diecast: The Podcast
Episode 25

UnSpun Debut Episode

liveandletdiecast published on

In the first episode of LaLD: Unspun, Scott and Philip talk to Uly, one of Live and Let Diecast's founders, about his crazy job, his 1:18 collection, and the Live and Let Diecast GP.

Unspun is a term used to describe HotWheels "error " cars. These cars typically have something wrong with them. HotWheels doesn't have the only error cars, so does MatchBox as you'll hear on the next full episode of Live and Let Diecast. 

Scott and Philip will have guest and discuss modifications, InstaGram stars who do mods, or who have great photos. 

Philip: @philiphilip on InstaGram, philipilihp on

Scott: @sn210 on IG, sn210 on lald

Uly: ayu4lyf on IG, el_uly on lald

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