Living Through The Hard Stuff
Episode 5

Ruth Kramer - Leading from a place of forgiveness to find out who you are

Christine Judd published on

Ruth Kramer 'The Holistic Soul Healer' is an internationally known Spiritual Healer for over 25 years. She is an experienced Intuitive Life Coach, Angel Reader, Nationally Certified Therapeutic Instructor, and Reverent and currently resides in beautiful Maui. She knows how to bring the best out in people with amazing accuracy and Highest Guidance. She’s the author of 9 Holistic ‘How To” books, and offers Guided downloads for Relaxation.


Ruth Kramer shares her experiences with depression as well as those of her patients’. Ruth Kramer, a seer and visionary, first noticed her special gift while still working as a massage therapist. She embarked on this journey after her divorce.

We talk about ways to come out of stagnation and how we can forgive ourselves and accept the things we cannot change as it will only cause us sorrow. We talk about how to find out find out who you are and what you want, that is, your consciousness. 


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