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Episode 100

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 100 - Agorism or Political Action?

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Recently I had a discussion on twitter regarding agorism and political action. I am of the mind that voting does absolutely nothing but if you want to vote and you think you can make a change, go for it. I'll be over here engaged in counter economics and spreading ideas. The concept of the state and it's authority rests in the mind of those that believe in the state. Even if you believe in political action, you have to admit that you have to eradicatethe statism from people's brains before they can be of any use in that realm. This person said that because I don't believe in voting and encourage people do avoid politics that I am hurting liberty. With that logic, I can throw it back at them by arguing that convincing people to abandon argorism forces people to rely on their oppressors for change. The two do not have to be exclusive to each other is my point.

The Road to Servomechanism by Gabriel Oliva

Konkin Replies to Rothbard: In Defense of Agorism by Samuel Edward Konkin III

An Agorist Primer by Samuel Edward Konkin III

How to Start Doing Agorism by George Donnelly

Hayek's Real Thoughts On Praxeology by Per Bylund

Your Vote Doesn't Matter by Jon Torres

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

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