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Episode 12

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 12 - America's Terrorist Bastard children

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On this episode of Logical Anarchy Today, Jon discusses America's role in shaping the Middle East into it's current day chaos. This is a great episode to listen to debate people with on how the US is completely unjustified in meddling in the region.


Why Assad Isn't "Our Son of a Bitch" by Sheldon Richman

The Hidden Origins of Syrias Civil War

The US Hand in the Syrian Mess

Blowback the Prequel

Video Brzezinski Talking to the Mujihadeen

How the US baited Saddam

How Bush 41 Tricked Saddam

Jon totally under estimated how many children died in US sanctions on Iraq. It was 576,000 children.
Read the NY Times article about that here.

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