Logical Anarchy Today
Episode 22

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 22 - The Police State is Everywhere, Even in Your Small Town

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In Jon's hometown a police shooting occured where a young man called 911, said a crime was about to be commited, and that he wanted police to show up and kill him. The Officer that arrived was happy to give this young 23 year old man what he requested.

Camarillo shooting.

An Article from the local paper on the incident.

Police investigating themselves on the situation.

The knife used in the incident.

Ex Cop describes how police are trained to be afraid.

Cop Apologist uses Psuedoscience to defend the actions of cops.

Police in other countries handling similar situations.

The civilian deathtoll created by police.

2013 had the lowest firearm deaths of police since 1887.

What proper and consistent training can look like.

Officers are safer than ever.

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