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Episode 9

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 9 - Turkey Shoot and the USA Freedom Act

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Welcome to the new format! This is show started as the Fallacy Friday Podcast and now you get MORE show. It is now Logical Anarchy Today and it is a Monday through Friday half hour show tackling the fallacies in the news.

One today's show, Jon tackles Turkey shooting down a Russian plane as well as the end of bulk data collection at the NSA due to the "USA Freedom Act".

News Mentioned:

Turkey will not apologise for shooting down a Russian jet.

Turkey caught smuggling 800 shotguns into Belgium.

Would Turkey Act without US permission?

The US Government created ISIS by supporting "Salafists" in Syria.

McCain met with ISIS and didn't know it.

NSA Must stop Collecting Data - Reason Article.

Yahoo Article.

Justin Riamondo's Opinion on the USA Freedom Act.

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