London Amplified

Episode 4

Climbing The Career Ladder and Creating Valuable Opportunities

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with Chris Bestley, currently, an academic who spent his entire career in Marketing despite having a degree in Zoology. His intriguing journey has been serendipitous and Chris began his first career entirely by accident. Initially starting off in an aggressive selling environment, and then working up the career ladder to becoming Managing Director of a Promotions Agency required him to constantly have to conduct independent learning in order to adapt and thrive at the workplace. Realizing he was out of his depth led him to self-develop and invest in himself. By doing this repetitively for 10 years, constantly evolving, learning things nobody taught him, and feeding his insatiable curiosity- these driving factors turned out to be the key to his success and possessing a multi-faceted personality. Taking the right decisions at the right time resulted in a chain reaction of one valuable opportunity after another for Chris. The fear of making mistakes is dangerous as it makes you too cautious to succeed. Being a decision-making machine on a daily basis, dealing with mistakes and learning from them, make all the difference. Curiosity educates you and makes you aware of what you previously never knew. Confidence comes from experience. The underlying theme is of how one thing leads to another.
With 20 years of industry-specific knowledge in Brand Promotion, listen to learn about how to effectively plan in order to be successful in operationalising your marketing strategies and about the desire to achieve a very specific outcome.

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