London Amplified

Episode 2

Global Marketing and The Importance of Being Your Own Authentic Brand

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with Dr La Toya Quamina an expert in the field of Marketing. Following her path tells us her story of how she acquired skills and qualities that made her the strong woman she is today. We discussed the importance of culture, and how much it shapes and instils values within us that we hold as we grow up. Having worked in multiple contrasting industries, she talks about the beauty of Marketing and how it transcends industries, cultures and just how flexible and easily applicable theoretical learnings in marketing are. Her #1 tip for the workplace “Brand yourself first, you ARE your own Brand”. We talked about big brands experiencing reputational crisis, how they overcome them, digital alliances between online influencers and brands, including the overarching effect of social media. The value of being authentic and being true to yourself is the underlying subject of our entire conversation. Learn how to give a compelling business pitch on this episode of London Amplified. Listen in to find out who inspires her the most in her life! Her response will leave you feeling even more driven towards your goal.


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