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Episode 3

Resilience, Rejection and the Realistic Reward in Supply Chain Management

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with Alfredo Iorio, a food and beverage industry professional with 19 years of international experience in the logistics within this sector. He specialises in the strategic development of E2E (exchange to exchange) supply chain solutions for the Retail and the Food Service industry. This podcast is about the importance of possessing qualities such as resilience, rejection, passion and learning how to get back on your feet after you feel you have failed. It also aims to expand and deepen your knowledge about supply chain management within the food and beverage industry and the value of your customer. Listen to learn how important it is to face rejection and still never give up. Alfredo believes that having a corporate job is paralysis to an extent as if you really feel the need to serve a bigger purpose and solve real-life problems, it is important to start your own business and be innovative! Implementing simple technology tools and enterprise software for companies within the food and beverage industry will help them towards better business performance in terms of efficiency and sustainability, hence drastically increasing profitability. He reminds us that sometimes it is important to slow down and reflect upon the "why"? Mastering fundamental business concepts such as finance, accounting and forecasting are essentials for any entrepreneur. A powerful point he mentions is how the safety net at university is not something that exists in the real world. Preparing and embracing this change calls for a change in mindset- one that is ready to recover from failure and learn from mistakes. 
A dream can manifest into reality by putting effort into the right things and belief.


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