Love Bombers
Episode 4

From Spread Thin to Whole and Enough, A Love Bomber Mommapreneur

Rhea Komarek published on

Kelli Iverson Stuart is a mommapreneur business owner joining us on the Love Bombers podcast after just having completed the My Love Bomb Program in Napa and is among the inspiring women training to become facilitators for our September launch in the SF Bay Area.  

In this interview she opens up about how she found her current love bomb gift of bringing fitness to busy women looking for more joy, fulfillment, and harmony through opening her Dailey Method barre studio.  She shares about the journey from spread thin, to finding her fitness and "filling her cup" through the Dailey Method.  She then takes on the next steps of the journey where she decided to overcome her own introverted and fearfull limitations to become an instructor and owner of a new studio in Napa.  The common "Love Bomber" experience of pursuing your dream of giving to others, only to find yourself spread thin and stressed out again in the business of service, is complimented with how she is now finding her wholeness in the journey, reflected in enjoying the moments of changed lives now, as well as her family's joyful moments.

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Kelli Iverson Stuart found The Dailey Method in 2009, shortly after having her 2nd son and was hooked after just one class. She was working a corporate job, struggling to balance work and her family, and quickly losing touch with herself. “I was really nervous to attend my first class because I was really out of shape after a difficult pregnancy and putting myself last for many years. But in a matter of minutes, I felt 100% supported and more importantly, empowered. The class was incredibly challenging, but I knew I had found something my body, mind, and soul truly needed. On top of that, I felt an immediate connection with the teachers and students in class. The sense of community was strong and energizing. I knew right away that I wanted to share The Dailey Method with other women, particularly in my hometown of Napa. I knew I had found my calling - to help other women get stronger from the inside out, so that they can live fuller, more joyful, more satisfying lives.” Kelli began training directly under Jill Dailey and received her master certification in 2013. After a long hunt for the perfect location, she opened The Dailey Method Napa in downtown Napa in May 2014. The studio is owned and operated in partnership with The Dailey Method.

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