Love Bombers
Episode 26

Life Is Happening Now, with Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

Rhea Komarek published on

This week I am happy to bring you episode 26 of the Love Bombers Podcast in a new format.  I am playing around with ways to inspire the community and so I am going to be doing some Love Bomber tips from the heart as we move into the next few months, interspersed with interviews of inspiring Love Bombers from around the world.

This week I share about the power of living right here, right now as I talk about discoveries along my own life path and in an inspired review of the book "You Are The One" by Kute Blackson, one of our favorites from the film Love Bomb.

I hope this inspires you to open up, live now, love now, and be refreshed into the moment of your life.

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