Love Bombers
Episode 3

The Ethical and Fulfilling Business of Service

Rhea Komarek published on

In this episode of Love Bombers I speak with my own business coach Shawn Dill about the business of service.  As a Love Bomber myself I reached a point in my life where I had to choose that in order to keep going with my passionate hobby of making media, like the film Love Bomb, and other courses to uplift other people's lives, I would have to start making it a business in order to have the time and resources I spent on it be a part of the value deal for my family.  I hired Shawn to help me look at this hobby and help me to align it so that I could turn it into a business where my authenticity, passion for service, and love for others was also aligned with the needs and values of enough people that I could earn money for my family in exchange.  Today Shawn speaks about the principles he used to help me while answering pertinent questions from other Love Bombers wanting to be in the ethical, and fulfilling business of service.

You can learn more about Shawn here:

During the episode Shawn also references the book that has helped me, Book Yourself Solid.

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